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I will be filling this space with my public shows. Right now you can see is in Churches and Libraries around the Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana boarder. 


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We have several Children's Magic Shows to pick from. The wonderful comedy Magic of Michael Principato, The Comedy Magic and Illusions of Michael and Janice Lee, The Van Hart and Isabel show (Our Christian show). Michael is also an award winning Close-up Magician for strolling magic. He is great with Children and Adults. 

The wonderful Comedy Magic of Michael Principato has been seen around the world with small intimate settings such as small restaurants to peoples personnel residents. He has also performed in large venues seating thousands. He is great interactive fun Magic. Michael is great for the Corporate world and for the family event also.

The Comedy Magic and Illusions of Michael and Janice Lee is always great fun with some of the larger illusions as Janice Lee appears from a trunk that has traveled the world....we are not sure if she was in it for the entire travels. Both Michael and Janice Lee work very well together and include the audience for some interactive fun. This show has a proven track record to perform to audiences young and old alike. They have performed for family resorts and also for adult casino audiences also. 

The Van Hart and Isabel show, teaches children that God Loves them unconditionally. Van Hart is Michael and Isabel as seen above is a talking skunk with a lot of energy in her. She keeps the audience going with her antics and thoughts of God not loving her since she is a "Stinky Skunk and everyone runs away from me" attitude.