Our Mission

To have a Blast with the Children, showing them God's love and the Gifts God has given them, through spiritual encouragement.

Our Vision

Is to show children that God Loves them unconditionally, and that God has blessed us all with wonderful gifts.

Our Goal

Is to reach every child, in every life style to give them a reachable, closer walk with God.


The Van Hart and Isabel Show

This is a great comedy show with a message of God's unconditional Love. Isabel is a talking skunk who gets the audience jumping and having a great time. She believes God doesn't love her because everyone runs away from her. By the end of the show Van Hart has her convinced that God Loves us all. The show is about 50 to 60 minutes long and is very interactive. We bring children up to help us with the magic tricks. We first talk about how the tricks performed are just tricks and not real magic. The real magic is having Christ in our hearts and life. Isabel the talking skunk is a big part of the story telling. Isabel is a symbol of how God's Love is unconditional. 

We also have a Solo Show that Michael performs that is a little shorter but still very interactive. Although our Van Hart and Isabel show is the most asked for show in our Children's Ministry. 

Our shows are a lot of fun which your children will enjoy and talk about for a long time to come.

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And yes we travel all over the world spreading God's love.

We incorporate a message into our Christian Magic Show.

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Magic With a Mission has built in a Message of God's Love. Great for your VBS or Holiday events.
Magic With a Mission has great interactive Magic shows.

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